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Originally Posted by oz3litre View Post
No problem. As you suggest, the manufacturers of R134a are not going to be happy to have their monopoly reduced. It must have been a nice little earner for them. I like the way some air-conditioning guys will tell you that R134a is fine in the old R12 systems when it quite patently is not. I heard that here in Australia R134a is being phased out and replaced with hydrocarbon based gas anyway.
Wow- I have not heard! Good to know a first world country is using "uncommon sense" when it comes to auto ac!! Maybe it will encourage the rest of us dumb a++es to join that crowd!! Yes, r134a has its days limited with the global warming potential it has- at least politically, HC's have way less GW potential. And way less "toxic". And companies like benz abandoned CO2 recently - no worky- too much psi needed, so too much HP robbed by engine.

hehe- just added a can of ES12 to one of my older cars- what a breeze. Stay cool, OZ! (hope yous done get another one of those heat waves like they had down there in last january.........was visiting melbourne/Sidney/tasmania in february- just after it broke.........lucky.

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