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Originally Posted by Roadtrip View Post
ES12 works very well. However I would not use it unless my system sealed without leaks, especially in the interior. There is a scent (pine I believe) that is part of the formula.
Right, John. That scent is actually the best indicator for leaks. I chased an elusive leak on a Honda civic for months- ended up I smelled the pine "seepage" from the low psi line- it was seeping through it!! Stuck my nose right on it and it was a slam dunk. True, some tubes are so hard to reach your nose cant get down there, LOL...but many times the pine can be noticed even a few feet from the engine bay, then you go from there to search.

. Slow leaks are the hardest to find. Most detectors (even the 100 ppm ones) will never find them. Pine is a great idea/useful tool.

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