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Originally Posted by Gubi View Post
You cannot "pull too much vacuum" on an AC system. That's not even a possibility.
Yes, Tom, I agree if were talking about most appliocations like R134a and r12. But with HC, you dont need a high vac, and the manufacturers (not me) have deemed that not only it is not necessary, but that you Can pull too much. reason for high vac for halogenated refrigerants is moisture can/will react with the fluorine/chlorine to form acids . - cant happen with HC. Thats what their tech service/tech instructions warn about and advise against. Thats what I meant when I suggested not to pull too much.

But it still, in my opinion, is not a big deal. So many other major relevant factors to focus on when discussing HC refrigerants. hC's are just so much fun!!

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