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Well, Stan, they usually suggest to pull only a 5-10 " mercury vac. That Im not sure why, but they dont suggest to vac down to deep levels familiar with the R134a/r12 people. A tiny bit of moisture wont hurt the system with hC like it will with halogenated gasses. besides, the silica gel dessicant in the dryer will hold up to 10 mls of water anyway. Thats what Ive always done, and no troubles so far. So dont sweat it (pun??), no need to suck out to 29.9+ " mercury. Oh- if you dont have a vac pump, get a low cost venturi from HF for about $12. Hook it up to a compressor (assuming you do have one of those).

So many more advantages of HC gas , havnt listed them all yet. Good luck, man.


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