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Hi all,

After a few months of inactivity (bathroom refurbishment to blame for that) and the passing away of a dear friend I finally got around to the 'ole SpiderWorks again...
Windshield was removed as recommended by the distinguished members of this forum. Windshield frame was treated with anti-rust.
The "hole" on top of the windshield frame holding one of the 4 screws that keeps the top chrome strip in place was welded.
I've installed 7 clips and after a cleanup of the rubber and windshield itself re-installed it. Bit of a fiddly job but with a bit of help we managed... see attached picture.
Next up is the wiper issues so I can finally re-install the cowling and concentrate on the next nest of issues ;-)

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- Stefan -
'87 QV Silvergrey
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