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There is a lot involved actually. While the body and chassis is the same, you need to replace the hood with the one with the center ridge, the trunk lid with the recess, change the outer headlamp buckets and lamps from 5 1/2" to 7" (the inners remain the same), remove the black plastic full-faced grill and large heart and replace it with the 7" & 5 1/2" headlight bezels, the 5-bar black mesh metal grill, and the narrower heart, new front turnsignals, and both bumpers. The directional repeaters and rear turnsignals are the same. That is a lot of parts. The interior is a whole separate question if one does that. That is usually left Nuova. I have not done it personally but I have owned two of these via Italclassic in Spain. You are unique if you prefer the Nuova style. Some other typical updates involve adding the hood spear and the side window and gutter trim, as well as other earlier model trim.

PS: it leaves the telltale Nuova mid-front valence ventilation holes that end up behind the now-lowered bumpers unless the lower front clip is replaced.

Funny that over half the guys modify cars and (far) less than half want them "original". Jim Itin recently bought an early 1300 Super and wants to put the later 3-bar mesh grill on it, while Green Meanie wants his full-faced stainless early grill on his later 1300 TI. Both original unmolested cars except for upsized engines now or pending. Randy replaced his 68 5-bar grill with a full-faced Series 1 grill, and many early S1 Supers have TI or later S2 grills due to the original being damaged and them being irreplaceable. Fred's really nice car is a 73 and it sports S1 "whisker" side markers and LOTS of mechanical mods while still being a 1600. No one would shun that car. The build on my 2L, 4.30 Pinyo is very similar to this car mechanically and cosmetically and it's regarded as a very nice but not entirely original car. It, like this one, goes like greased snot. Most all cars have at least spring and shock mods and suspension kit. Finding original unmolested cars is pretty rare, let alone pristine ones. The point: with only several hundred in the US, being overly picky will mean a long, long wait.
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