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PS: responding to some BAT commentary, the Turbnia wheel choice was a conscious and deliberate one. The restorer had several choices available. I first saw them here on the photo thread on a Pino verde Nuova and they looked great. First, with their offset they fit and well filled out the wheel well on a Super. Second they are a simple neo-classic style and IMO, I think it suits the classic Giulia boxy body style well. While wheels ares a personal choice accessory - like shoes, hats and belts - I think a mini-lite is just too busy, Rococco, for this body style. A CD-35 is OK. It came with Campy Americas at my request but they were too wide and offset and rubbed the rear fender even with a 185. And, Turbinas are actually very well made real mag wheels and far lighter than most aftermarket wheels. The 5.5" width is not a issue on a Super because the only tires that will fit on a Super without a lot of bodywork, 185's, are also listed for 5.5" rims. Now a nice HB TI-Super or AH GTA repro would be nice and at $300+ each would add more on price for folks to carp about. Since wheel choice is very personal, I thought I'd just leave that to the NO and put something suitable and light on the car. The only thing I have against them is they take a little more patience to clean; I am told the Italians call them "1000 crevices". And they do look better on a darker car.

PSS: linked in the initial post is a 66 picture photo set. If anyone wants any more, let me know. My rack has been occupied by a sick car but it should be down soon and I can take more underside shots successfully.
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