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Thanks. Need to thin the toys out indeed especially with another waiting in Europe for an upcoming but as of yet unplanned Euro driving trip, #3.

The conversion of later (74-77) Nuova Supers to the earlier style Super is common in Europe, as well as lots of other typical car-guy mods. Original nice earlier cars are are getting pricey into the mid-teens-k Euro range, and nice S1's getting rare and commanding even bigger bucks, well into the 20k+ Euros. Nuovas are typically 1/2 - 2/3rds of the cost of an earlier style Super there. Some say their interior is superior. Most say the exterior is not. The mechanicals are the same.

And with >560,000 TI's/Supers made from 62-77 (~50/50 1300/1600), many doubt these will ever see the cache of more limited-production cars for "collectors", BUT, they are pretty rare here in the US comparatively speaking with only several hundred on the Giulia register and perhaps twice that with those hiding out. They definitely are great drivers though. But my search for my first here in 2010 was impossible; I looked for 6 months to no avail. Folks either did not let them go, or they were pricey, or they were a mess.

I have had 1600's, a 1750 and several 2L's and I can say that the 135 hp 2L makes a big difference in oomph. They all have their virtues. Matched with the rare 4.30 LSD it gives it a more urgent feel when you step into it. My son popped the clutch and over-revved on a similar car and laid scratch halfway across the intersection. Not your typical Alfa. If you are not a purist and want a fast good driver, a Giulia with a 2L is it. You will surprise many other cars (once you get into 3rd).
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