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Originally Posted by kuni123456 View Post
I use Castrol 20-50W motor oil in all of my Alfas. The most difficult thing about changing oil in a 750/101 is the cartridge oil filter. I always use a new gasket for the cartridge oil filter and once in a while would have big oil leaks. I even bent the cartridge oil filter bolt and had to replace it. I would probably tell you to have your oil changed by an Alfa mechanic or someone who knows about Alfas. I always change the oil when the engine is cold because I have been burned by hot oil or a hot oil filter more than once. The oil drains slowly, but I always wait until the oil slowly drips from the oil pan. I have driven and worked on Alfas since 1968. I have rebuilt twelve engines and ten of those were Alfa engines. I like to change oil every 3,000 miles.
Personally, I don't like rebuilding engines... FWIW, I think it is better to change the oil when it is at least warm before all the particulates settle in the engine and swirl around in your fresh oil you put in to replace the old.....but if it works for you, have fun..... try not to burn yourself.
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