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My Younger Teenage Daughter's Cell Call Today

I'll apologize in advance that this daughter didn't get the same Alfa training as the older one....Pat died too soon, when she was 10.

While I was sitting in a gas line that you can read about on "Changing the Subject within the Thread" Pat and my youngest daughter was attending a car show in Seal Beach with relatives. The conversation went something like this through her excitement:

"Mom, I'm so excited there was an Alfa at this car show and I talked to the guy and he knew Dad. He said he was the 'God of Alfas.'"

(I've heard him referred to as a lot of things and in a lot of ways, but not quite this phraseology.)

I ask her, what kind of Alfa was it? How did you know it was an Alfa?

"I don't know." "I recognized the logo." "But it was the only Alfa there."

(I'm pretty sure that means emblem or badge to you and I.)

(Back to the basics, was it a coupe or a spider....)

"I don't know."

(Did it have a top and two doors or was it a convertible? I suppose it was red.)

"It had a top and two doors." "It was red."

(What can you tell me about the guy or the what he told you about the car.)

"The car is a 1968, it has lived in many states and countries." "The guy had on a red and white Alfa shirt, grey hair, and was thin."

I'm assuming it's possibly a red GTV and that the owner has traveled abroad and possibly taken the car with him. I have to say it just cracked me up, with her description --- how many of us own red/white Alfa shirts, that's a very distinguishing characteristic; some of mine actually say Barber's Shop on them.

Any idea who this might have been that talked to my daughter this a.m. and lit the Alfa fire under her that has been barely flickering previously?

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)
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