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First youīll have to put your car on stands both forth and back so itīll stand as horizontal as possible. You can also warm up the old engine oil a little before that so itīll run out easier. Then you loosen the oil plug/screw on the bottom of the sump, be ready there with enough big container to scoop up the old oil. Have also a big rag ready as some of the old oil is probably going to end up on your hands and floors.
When the engine is emptied on oil, screw back the oil plug to the sump again (DO NOT FORGET THIS MOMENT) and loosen now and empty the oil filter can. Install new oil filter and do not forget to lubricate the oil filter can rubber gasket with som oil before screwing it back to place again.

When all this done, top up new oil, the motor takes about, or not full 4 liter, aprox. a gallon.
I personally donīt think thereīs any need for some sofisticated synthetic oils in these old motors and use the recomended Helix mineral oil, think its 10-40.....

Unfortunately donīt have any pics, but maybe someone else does and can help.....

Good luck

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