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Originally Posted by Franco View Post
How do you quote a message in a reply? What are the ins and outs of replying, quick, multi, quote, edit? What do they do? How do they work?
Quote: click on the button named "Quote" in the particular message you want to ... well ... quote. The text from the quoted message is included and will have a blue background in your reply. This always gives you a full editor with lots of bells and whistles.

Reply: click on the blue "New Reply" button. A full editor opens up where you can write your reply. No previous messages are quoted.

Quick: Sends you to a very simple text area at the bottom of the page where you can fire off a reply. You'll have just a few basic editing tools available.

Multi+: almost indistinguishable from magic. Let's say you want to quote several messages from the message thread (or topic) you're in. Click on "Multi+" on each of the messages you want to quote. Notice that nothing seems to happen. Then click on "New Reply" to have every message you multi-quoted show up as separate blobs of quoted text in your reply.

Edit: lets you go back and edit something you wrote earlier. Note that if you wait too long (a few minutes), the message will reflect the fact that it's edited.

If you want to play around, there's a separate testing area available.

Good luck
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