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TorW, I made a similar list of 'needs' in which you covered most of the items I saw. I noticed also the dash is cracked (like mine) and the brake gaiter looks like an aftermarket replacement. Still compared to the 96,000 and 99,000 cars that sold last year it looks like a good buy to me. The $176,000 car was a 'home run' for the seller and makes this car look like a bargain. That said I would never buy a car sight unseen and would make a trip to CA if I was looking. The power windows were pretty much standard items as were the wood rimmed steering wheels. If you are selling a 60,000 car, you might want to invest $100 in a good battery...

I like the side mirrors on their thin but longer than average stalks and suspect you might actually see what is behind you with them. Is anyone familiar with the manufacturer of these mirrors or where you can get a set? I bought a set of Alfa from Giorgio but they would be very close to the body and the view would be half obscured by the rear hips.

Provided the car is relatively close to the seller’s description, I think he would be wise to invest most likely another 5,000 or so in a complete stem to stern detail and run it through a proven auction. Why not?
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