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Looks like a decent, complete specimen with the usual old museum-like car traits. It's "worn a little round in the corners" as we would say around these parts, but looks quite good. Interesting to see what appears to be the original Bertone leather seats option.

A couple of comments:
  • The wood steering wheel wasn't an option. All Montreals were delivered with a Hellebore steering wheel from the factory.
  • The "corrosion" on the bottom of the spare wheel well appears to be just the now dry undercoating peeling off. Hard to say what's under there though, since the seller seems to be more interested in unimportant scratches in the paint and 15ft exterior shots.
  • What's up with the handbrake assembly? Looks unsafe.
  • The car is not original and should in my opinion not be presented as such. Lots of little things have been replaced, repaired or modified: wheel badges, HT leads, ram air tubes, cigarette lighter replaced with a 12V socket, new and cheaper carpets, painted valve covers, aftermarket horns, black "modern" wipers and exhaust system.
  • It has no hazard flasher button. Was it deleted? Looks like the center console had some repairs done, re the missing trim on it.

Sorry to come across as an arrogant nitpick, but the words "$60,000" and "original" calls for better than this.

Looks like a good Montreal though, provided a PPI with a magnet does not uncover any horrors.
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