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Originally Posted by PG1964 View Post
... Too bad that all the passion that many of us put in writing on this forum, for many others it means a lot of money only. And this is the case of people trying to sell fake cars, we know who they are, trying to sell a car falsifying its history, we have seen enough , trying to sell replicas passing them off as originals, or people who say : " Hey guys look how beautiful my car is, i know i restored it not properly, but i never sell it ! " . ...
I've spent a lot of time dealing with fakes, including writing to auction houses, car magazines, and prospective buyers to let them know that one or another Lancia is not what it appears to be. Sometimes people listen; other times they do not. Either way, I have less than no patience for falsified history; I am an absolutist on this subject.

However, as Rick suggests, that is a very different issue than whether or not the owner of a far-less-than-rare car wants to paint it in non-original colors.

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