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Originally Posted by PG1964 View Post
Unfortunately Ed, i didn't meet Simeone. I watched some Jay Leno's interview, i saw his website and i read what he wrote through that link.

I'm not here looking for recruits for my sect, nor i want to establish universal rules, i'm just warning anyone who reads this forum that the reality is often different from how it appears at the first sight. Who reads this forum sometimes seeks advice, sometimes answers, sometimes consensus. Too bad that all the passion that many of us put in writing on this forum, for many others it means a lot of money only. And this is the case of people trying to sell fake cars, we know who they are, trying to sell a car falsifying its history, we have seen enough , trying to sell replicas passing them off as originals, or people who say : " Hey guys look how beautiful my car is, i know i restored it not properly, but i never sell it ! " . Six months later you'll find the sale adv on the web or is picture on an auction catalogue (do you remember the yellow/black Siata?) And here is the problem : too much money revolves around this sector and being involved many people, some of them need to remain high the attention because the flow of money in circulation stay high. On other forums, such as, far back someone said we are in front of a speculative bubble and i think that we don't need a "Madoff" in this area. I 'm not a collector, nor a seller, but only a poor historian of a brand that has now disappeared. I have no other chance than to continue my battle alone , that others like it or not.
I don't see the connection to a paint scheme on a Lancia coupe.... Isn't it how this started? So what made the SIATA so bogus? the color? I know the seller. He hasn't got a "Madoff" bone in his body.
I'll pass on your findings.

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