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Originally Posted by PG1964 View Post
Sorry Ed, but for the same reason you 'ld repaint your Fulvia in Pink?

The fact i always say that i'm a taleban (jocking with myself of course), implicates that we're talking about the originality here. To accept a wrong colour today (many said this car it's better painted in a two-tone scheme) it means to accept a different detail tomorrow (many would say: it's a contemporary detail!). Because a lack of memory, the distance from the brink is very short. What Don suggested about the Simeone's way of thinking is true, otherwise the FIVA would not have proposed the Turin chart in 2006, which was ratified by all the International organizations in Stuttgart last November. The main task for a collector is to preserve and to maintain a vintage car for the posterity as like as a masterpiece of art (1964 Venice chart) and its value doesn't make the difference.
Eventually, i'm surprised that so many auction houses, unlike how they operate in other sale departments, don't accept this assumption.
better ask for a snorkel
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