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Eugenio and Livio Molinari (no definite link with the 1500cc Marino yet)

Originally Posted by richards View Post
Just to add a bit of clarification?? I can find no trace - well at least Google can`t! - of an Eugenio Molierari - as per Tony As`caption to above foto - but does throw up an Eugenio Molinari - as per PO/Coys write-up - very successful power boat racer in Molinari boats. Pages and pages of stuff on Boat Racing Facts Forum; too many to search for an Alfa 1500 engined boat....

Hello Richard and members,

I didn't find the 1500cc "Marine" or "Marino" but here is a piece of info on Eugenio Molinari and Alfa Romeo with opera singer Pavarotti that is "in period".
AlfaSport Club

And in this thread, some Alfa Romeo engines with displacements are mentioned, 1500cc and Autodelta engines amongst them.
There is also the mentioning of Eugenio Molinari with a sequence of years in which he raced Alfa Romeo engines, one of which was an Autodelta engine in 1974.
Then there is a Livio Molinari who also raced with Alfa Romeo engines, one of which seems to be a 1500cc in 1971. Other 1500cc Alfa Romeo engines are also mentioned but they all seem to be later than 1971.

Please let someone verify this information and add what is missed by me.

Molinari Eugenio #20 (1973) | Three Point Hydroplanes - Italia
Molinari Livio - Molivio #90 (1970) | Three Point Hydroplanes - Italia

All this information came from:

A list of historical boats, pilots and victories | Three Point Hydroplanes - Italia

Ciao, Olaf

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