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Translation of the RIAR document

Dear members,

I translated the RIAR (Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo) document with internet so that we all can read it. The text says:

"With reference to your question, we are pleased to inform you that the Technical RIAR Board has reviewed the documentation sent to us and gave permission(?) for the approval of this/your? car.
Therefore, we send the nameplate marked no 258; approval for the engine only.
We remind you that the cost of any such plate is 50,000 (lire?). Please kindly sent the money by check or money order.
With the most cordial greetings,"

So in 1987, the RIAR only registered and approved the engine, not the complete car. What was the reason for that and what is the value/authority of such a registration.

Some other questions":
First the "what":
Is this an authentic Autodelta engine and can that be backed up by documentation or other means? If not, what is it? If yes, was this engine first used in a or in this car (and later used as a 1500cc Marine 16V Iniezione engine in a powerboat) or was it a later road conversion of the initial 1500cc Marine 16V Iniezione engine? Maybe the development was done side by side or otherwise? And what about other possibilities? How does chassis AR 603142 fit in?

Then the "when". When was this engine fitted to AR 603142? What was the sequence of events in terms of time?

Who did this work? And where was it done?

There is more to learn.

Ciao, Olaf

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