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6C 2500SS by De Mola
The SCM Analysis
This is a car whose origins are shrouded in tall, misty tales. The story most often told is that the car is a rebodied 6C 1750, the original chassis being produced in 1937. Two Italian brothers from Trieste working in Brussels rebodied the car during the 1940-41 period. Somehow the car next surfaced in Tunisia in the early '50s and was purchased by a serviceman and sent to the United States.

At that time, it got converted to a Ford engine, transmission and back axle. In the late '60s this hybrid motorcar was sold to Jackson Brooks in Colorado. He mounted the attention-getting body on a 6C 2500SS chassis and the car ended pu in California by the mid-'70s.

In the late '70s, a noted Norther California Bugatti enthusiast owned the car, but he remains a little vague about the guy who bought it from him for about $30,000 at that time. (Sounds like a lot of money for a "special" car at that time.)

Christie's sold the car at their Los Angeles auction in 1980 and it went to the U.K. It then sold at the Monaco '89 auction to a german (I believe) who says he sacrificed a 1750 Gran Sport chassis to restore the car, but I believe it is 2500-powered.

All in all, it's just a cool body that has been on a series of chassis that were probably all better off with their original coachwork.

Other SCM Profiles from the October 1994 Issue:
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