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Front fenders look vaguely like #412031

Hello TimNuvolari and other forummembers,

I doubt whether this is an Alfa Romeo.

The front fenders vaguely represent the front fenders as found on 8C 2900 #412031 and #412032 (pages 169 and further in the book 'The Immortal 2.9' by Simon Moore). But as far as I can see, the cut out holes are in the wrong place, the line of the fenders is different and things like the side indicators are missing whem compared to #412031.

It almost looks like somebody tried to imitate the lines on some of the cars in the 6C2300, 8C2900 and 6C2500 series on an unknown chassis? Any suggestions?

Ciao, Olaf

Olaf Roeten a.k.a. Zagato_Olaf, Bussum, The Netherlands
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