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Identify this vintage Alfa

Here is a photo of an unknown vintage Alfa, with a couple simple questions: What is it? And where is it now?

I took this snapshot in September 1974 at the Kruse Brother's Auction in Auburn, Indiana. Unfortunately, I have long since lost the program from the auction, and have no other recollection* of the car (other than being surprised by how small it was).

Any takers?
- Peconga

* Other recollections of the weekend remain vivid, though, including the sound of a dozen Duesenbergs parading through downtown Auburn past the old Auburn-Cord factory. Amazingly, I was passed by two of them driving at speed on the Interstate later that evening, in addition to a matched pair of supercharged Cord 812s (a Westchester and a Phaeton). Hard to imagine that happening these days!
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