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Originally Posted by spiderserie4 View Post
Steve what I would try is put 12v straight from battery to the blue wire connector (I think that is the fast speed connector?) on the housing [make sure ign. is off] then twiggle the fan with your finger thru the might just start up! Mine did!...............I got mine started this way....then stopped the motor and injected loads of WD40 thru the flap between housing and the fan so it collects at the base of the housing where the motor sits, and let it run again for 20 minutes, just from the far still running strong!

Of course the ground wire tucked up under the passenger footwell has to be good too
Thanks spiderserie4, I tried this with no luck. I would have been very happy if the fan started and pinched my finger, but alas, no luck.

First I confirmed that there was 12 volts at the motor connection with the ignition on and the fan switch on. That test returned "true". I also tested the ground connection (which is tough to get to). Then I turned off the ignition and supplied 12 volts directly to the blower motor wires, again no joy. I even tried banging on the housing hoping that maybe I would free up a stuck brush, but again no luck.

My fan turns very freely, so I've got to assume that the brushes or brush springs are the problem.

Thanks for the suggestion !!

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