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Originally Posted by paul-hb View Post
I have a bunch of the stickers that go into the engine area, but I have no idea of their location...does anyone have a diagram?


I took the enclosed low quality photos (sorry I only had a kid's camera) showing some sticker locations on my 1972 US spec 2000GTV. I had a very original 1974, the locations were the same but some of the stickers changed colors over the years. The ATE sticker could very well be different, this is a replacement booster.

Not shown here: the "non aprire a caldo" sticker on the radiator cap, a Bosch sticker on the alternator and the emissions/tune up data sticker on the inner right fender, just facing the air box. I do not remember if it's installed normally, or upside down to be legible when leaning over the fender.

The decal set shown by Chris 1750 is for an earlier car (well, he HAS an earlier car). The other stickers are non-existent under the hood of a 1974 US car.

Your car should have the color code sticker as shown on the diagram sent by Chris (position 4). I believe no "made in Italy" sticker or plate was originally on your GTV. I've only seen it on Spiders as far as US spec cars are concerned.

Breaking in recommendations were on a clear plastic sleeve slipped over the driver's sun visor. On a Euro spec car, the decal #2 shown by Chris goes at the base of the windshield just above the air vents (there were remnants of this on a 1969 I had).

Other stickers on your car were a "do not drive with rear seat occupied" in middle of rear bench seat and a wide "2000 - fuel injection" at base of rear window.

Chris, the "Non-EP oil" sticker was installed on the gearbox itself, close to the fill plug. These and a red "use EP oil" sticker were used by Alfa in the mid 60s when they changed from steel to moly synchro rings. Moly rings need Extreme Pressure oil (differential oil) while steel rings do not tolerate the EP additive in the oil. Since steel synchro rings have been unavailable for ages (because they didn't last as well) unless you KNOW they are in your gearbox I wouldn't install the sticker as it gives a false information... and it's unlikely a 1750 ever had them to start with.
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