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I bought a 'decal set' for my 1970 1750GTV (carby 'Euro-spec') and got the ones illustrated below. There seem to be a lot of decals and I'll have a crack at where they go.

1) Lubrication chart. Definitely goes on the underside of the bonnet.
2) This one says 'Norme da osservere durante prima 1900 miglia' - that is, 'observe during the first 1900 miles'. It is a run in chart and may go inside the drivers door jam near the striker plate, though I'm not sure.
3) Curved sticker that says 'Torino FISPA Italy'. It goes on the cylindrical airbox and describes the type of air filter required.
4) 'Attenzione'. Describes the type of oil to use in the gear box ('cambio di velocita'). Not sure where this one goes.
5) Colour code decal. It goes inside of the boot (trunk) lid.
6) This one goes on top of the square radiator cap.
7) 'Do not use oil type EP'. Not sure where it goes.
8) Small electrical diagram. Likely goes on voltage regulator.
9) 'Liquido freni' = Brake fluid. Probably goes on or near fluid reservoir.
10) Another light coloured one that roughly translates as 'fill with 0.75 litres of water with additives as described in the instruction manual'. Don't know where it goes.
11) 'While filling open bleed screw on engine'. Instructions for filling the radiator. Don't know where it goes.
12) 'Calore 'Pirelli''. Don't know where this goes either.
13) 'Superpotente Magneti Marelli'. Superpotente = superpowerful. Probably goes on the coil.
14) 'Alfa Romeo Made in Italy'. Goes on firewall in engine bay.

Yours may be different and hopefully other list members will chip in where I've been unable to identify the places. But like I said, there seem to be a lot of decals. I was rather hoping that there'd be one that said 'Guidi come un uomo posseduto' (drive like a man possessed) that I could put on the windcreen, but no such luck.
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