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You said all right.
All correct!

Originally Posted by Mound Dawg View Post
Those Revolution RFX 15 inch Veloce wheels are 7 inches wide not 5.5, at least, both sets of mine are! Painted black here to hide the brake dust but usually plain silver.

There's a 14 x 6.5 version too that's more common on the TS Veloce, they came fitted with these as standard with the 7x15 as an option. The V6 Veloce came with the 7x15 and the correct tyre size was 195/55 although Alfa often let them out on 195/50 making the car seriously undergeared in TS form. Car Magazine famously ran out of gears at 119 mph in a test TS Veloce with these wheels fitted, not helped by an over eager rev limiter that tripped at 5700 rpm instead of 6200!

I think those standard wheels on the 3 litre V6 in your picture were 14 x 6.5 too although the earlier Euro 2.5 V6 got a 5.5 inch wide version of the same type. The wheels went an extra inch wider to go with the plastic arch extensions.
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