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Hey Guys,

Another day, another chapter :-)
Finale got around to work on the Spider again.. After some fiddeling I managed to pry the rubbers holding the windshield loose and yessiree, out came the windshield in onze piece!
Thanks for the tips guys.

Meanwhile I also got me one of the afore-mentioned nylon 'brushes' to use with a drill.
So, next chapter is cleanup...

I'll post some pics as the area directly under the windshield where the clips should be seems relatively ok. Clips aren't though: they've all rotted away.
Onze thing puzzels me: based on the visual evidence I counted 10 (?) used-to-be clips.
On this forum I've read 5 or 7 but never 10?..


- Stefan -
'87 QV Silvergrey
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