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Originally Posted by KraigG View Post
I talked to the owner this afternoon, and he had no clue as to what I was talking about, but accepted my word about the finish. Oops!

Sorry I didn't get that correction to you sooner. By his reaction, I'd guess that the current owner acquired the car in that condition; it's certainly not the original finish, but equally not a problem.

It's shame about the door speakers, but a decent upholstery shop can easily make up new, unmolested panels if it bothers you enough. The rest of the interior looks good; the minor issues at the side of the seat (by the adjustor) is also pretty easy to remedy. The low camera angle is very useful; there doesn't seem to be a tangle of bodged or loose wires under the dash.

The chassis plate looks completely correct; the type code (818.360) is correct for a 1.3S, and the chassis number is within the range you'd expect.

It's not a concours car (neither are the 2 you saw on Sunday...), but this one's really about as clean as they get.

1970 Lancia Fulvia 1,6 HF

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