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Originally Posted by 1,6 HF View Post

You're looking at the S1 grille opening, hood 'spear', and rear badging, all of which were different on the S2s, like Adan's Montecarlo. The dash is also different in the secondary switches and heater controls; this one's clearly an S1. The steering wheel and shift knob are both aftermarket items, but it has the correct rubber mats instead of aftermarket carpet. The Campys are indeed 'ragnos' which look every bit as good on the Fulvia coupe as they do on a Dino 246. The bumperless look and the hood straps are a matter of personal taste; for me, bumperless: OK; hood straps: not so much (ditto the 'HF' stickers on a non-HF, but that's easy for me to say...)

If the grille badge is correct, this is an S1 1.3S, which means the chassis should be 818.360.****** (on the VIN plate, which you can just see next to the right side strut tower) and the engine should be 818.303.**** (on the side of the block).

Looking at the engine, the S1 valve covers were black crackle (except the HFs), which means that the valve cover has been replaced by an S2 valve cover. (It's unlikely that this is a transplanted S2 engine, since the interior shows a 4-speed gearbox, while all S2s had 5-speeds.) There a couple other detailing issues in the engine bay, but it looks pretty clean.

In fact the whole thing looks pretty clean. If there's no rust issue and it runs and drives well, this one looks really worthwhile. The price is at least close; the current issue of Cars That Matter has guide prices for #2 at $14,400 and #3 at $11,300. If it runs and drives well, this is probably fairly a #3. But just as important as the guide price, it's simply getting harder and harder to find decent S1 coupes in the US.

BTW, it's not a '67; it's probably actually a '69 and was not originally sold in the US. Because Lancia's VIN plates don't state date of manufacture, post-'67 cars could be 'back dated' to '67 when they were imported. US safety regs changed as of Jan '68, and non-US-spec cars manufactured after that date couldn't be imported, unless they mysteriously became pre-'68s (funny, but there are a lot of '67 Lancias in the US, and very, very few '68s). Doesn't make any difference at this point, and doesn't affect the value at all.

Anyway, assuming it's as good mechanically as it looks, it's about the nicest S1 I've seen for sale in the US in a long time. I'm completely with Adan on this one--I hope you get it. Good luck.

(PS, does it come with that ultra-cheesy '70s fake woodgrain radar detector?)
Thanks for the info, Ed. I know for me, the Fuzzbuster is the main selliing point, and I'm in negotiation to get that included in the sale
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