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Joining AROC / Connecticut Events

Originally Posted by paulbinct View Post
I would contact Randy at the email address in the first post - you can join AROC and they will assign you to the Connecticut chapter unless you request otherwise.

ASFAIK, AROC does not assign anyone to any particular chapter, you must specify the the chapter or chapters that you wish to join or affiliate with and pay the appropriate yearly dues in addition to the AROC annual dues. If assigning everyone to a chapter that did not pay local chapter dues or specify a specific chapter there is one chapter, that I know of, that would have a huge population since they do not charge additional dues on top of the AROC annual dues.

When I joined AROC the membership form listed all the chapters and their annual dues so you knew how much to add to your national AROC dues. That appears to no longer be the case, the form only asks if you wish to associate with a local chapter and which one. I tried both Detroit and AONE to see if I could find the form with the complete listing. No luck. What I did discover is that the links on both local chapter sites take you to the AROC "closed" store page. Any link off the AROC site other than the home page where you click "Join" also takes you to the "closed" store site. Kind of hard to join with help like that.

You're better off printing off the form and mailing it after you call and ask for the information that is missing to tell you how much money to send. Kind of a frustrating way to attract new members.

(Not an authority nor SME on anything, just PATSYF)

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