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Frank- most of the metal work was done- as I mentioned, the big problem is waviness in the front panel and the passenger front fender. Most of the time would be spent either surfacing this straight or beding it straight.

Either way, every estimate had most of the hours getting the surface flat.

The job was for outside only, stripping, engine compartment, and a light spray in the interior to protect the metal. No undercoating. One company was going to scrape the paint off instead of media blasting, which I thought was interesting.

The actual job is going out to a thrid estimate, who's work is also very good. His claim to fame is 8 hours of real work for 8 hours of payment... I know people who have used all three with great success, their cars are incredible.

We should be all set.


p.s. this may seem stupid- but please turn your caps lock off, it's hard to read. i'd rather see all small than all caps.
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