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A/C question

I've got my A/C going but my compressor is cycling. I've doubled checked freon level (using Freeze-12) and am ok on that end.

My compressor kicks on for about 10 seconds then cycles off for about 15 seconds then repeates. When running, I can cycle the compressor off and on with the temperature ring, so that appears to be working correctly.

From looking at Papajam's scematics, I can tell that the signal for the compressor to cycle is from the controller under the dash. I can see my controller and am planning on pulling the connector off the check the thermistor.

Does anyone know of a source and estimated price for an A/C thermistor for an '84 Spider? I've searched the threads and found alot of good information but nothing on how to R/R the thermistor. Any instructions on how to get to the thermistor to replace it?


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