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I would say that the blades are at the wrong angle. I would also say that the Bosch blades are junk! If you can find them get a set of Nippon blades. They are labeled NWB. They rock! I have been fooling with a wiper issue on my 06 Grand Vitara. The blades that came on it new were a little streaky ( probably from sitting ) so I threw a set of Bosch blades on. They were ok for about three days and then they started streaking. I then noticed that they were lifting at speed and chattering like hell at speed. Switched to the "new" frameless Bosch blades. I also put a set of the same blades on the 164 the same day. These are even worse than the normal blades. At 25.00 a set they really pissed my off. Changed to the Nippon blades on both cars and they have been perfect for three months now.

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