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Just to clarify things.


We'll start 9:30 AM with Ron Simmons talking about his Nüeremburg Ring (The Green Hell) driving school "Alfa 75 Experience" where you get track time and tutoring in an Alfa 75 (Milano). He will show a video about the "Ring" and do a show and tell about his "Ring" developed coil-over suspension. He'll bring a GTV6 Coil-Over system to look at and if all goes well we'll have the 105 sytem installed on a car too.

NYAROC is serving coffe and such.

As Ron's talking JJ will start installing a GoTech (JJ probably heard this once or twice before) When Ron's presentation is done it's general Q&A and a chance to take a look at the latest toys! (As JJ continues to install the GoTech in David Rivkins GTV6...)

Ron's and JJ's tour is sponsored by Group2 and Girodisc, so we'll have Giro disc kits to look at.

RSRacing will have a 116 and a 105/115 coilover kit to look at.

There will be GoTech's and Wire harnesses to fondle.

There will be a real live 3.45 L 3 Cam Glenwood motor on display.

And for some East-Coast flavour Andy from Performatech will show his Watts-Link kit.


Alfa Import Center
981 Wyckoff Avenue
Ridgewood NY

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