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late post in my handle, i ride a Bianch ev2, full campagnolo record, an orbea starshipcarbon( yes i know it is a spanish bike,but she is wonderfull, and it is the orange/yellow,team model) full campagnolo record,expt. the crank. it is chorus( i like the looks), and a colnago dream plus, full campagnolo record agian(sorry guys, not boosting here, my ex-italian girlfreind cheated on me and left, i bought the orbea, soon after that, and showed her, her responce was" nice bike. why did you by it?" i told here that it was her birthday present,but sence you decide to leave me, i bought the bike, then i told her i payed $5700 for it, she looked shocked)..all my pedals are time rsx pedals, i like the fit, and low profile.3 sets of campagolo neutron wheels,1 set of nucloan wheels,and 2 set of proton wheels...i love campgnolonever lets me down.......and yes only italian parts on a italian bikesand diadora shoes................... i have ridden some american bikes( trek,canondale,etc.) they just don't talk back( eps.the full carbon bikes) to me durring a climb, or decent, my freinds that heve non italian bikes ,like to ride mine when they have a chance....some traded in there bikes and bought 'italian'

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