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Here is the TZ2 replica made by Giovanni Giordanengo. It will be for sale at the Padova AutoMoto d'Epoca show this weekend from Coys auction house. The estimated price is 185,000-220,000 Euros!

Tommaso Fiorillo started his career in the 1960's working for Sandrocar, a Florence based preparer of competition Alfa Romeos. Sandrocar worked directly in competition with Autodelta, the official competition arm and subsidiary of Alfa Romeo. After more than 3 decades experience preparing competition Alfa Romeo's Mr Fiorillo has become a world authority on these cars. He supplies parts for all of Alfa Romeo's competition models, TZ1, TZ2, GTA/M, 33 and has helped collectors prepare cars from as far away as Japan and the U.S.A.

Giovanni Giordanengo is a Cuneo based 'artigiano' renowned for his exacting replicas of competition and road going Ferraris and Alfa Romeos. It was he who was entrusted by Alfa Romeo with creating a sanction II series of the TZ2 much like Aston Martin did with their DB4 GT Zagato. Alfa Romeo's own museum car was supplied to Giordanengo for measurements. This project never went ahead but Giordanengo was approached by the owner of a real TZ2 to create an exacting copy: the car you see here today.

The tubular chassis and body panels were constructed by Giordanengo following exact measurements taken from 2 original cars including Alfa Romeos own museum example. The bare chassis and body were then supplied to Fiorillo who supplied all of the mechanical parts. A correct GTA dry sump engine was sourced. All of the special competition parts specific to this car were supplied by him , riveted fuel tank, adjustable suspension, steering box, interior, windscreen, steering wheel, sump, distributor to name but a few. The cast magnesium wheels where commissioned especially from the original manufacturers in conjunction with real TZ2 owners. The interior has been carefully recreated right down to the correct Jaeger period instruments. Care has been taken to create a machine that can also be used for the road, the engine is tractable at low revs, suspension is adjustable and the tyres have been carefully chosen to allow a degree of softness to absorb irregularities in the road.

This masterpiece is the product of 15 years painstaking work and is widely considered as the world's most exacting replica of this model. To recreate such a car today would cost way in excess of today's asking price and this fantastic recreation is no museum piece: it is on the button and ready to be enjoyed by its lucky new owner immediately.

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