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'South African' Alfa Romeo Spiders

Dear all,

To the best of my knowledge no Alfa Romeo Spiders were built in South Africa. As discussed before, there were many rules/laws which 'regulated' vehicle assembly/production over the various years in South Africa.

At some point in time, in South African history, motor vehicle manufacturers/assemblers could import 'additional' items if their 'local content' exceeded the minimum. What Alfa Romeo was doing was exceeding 'local content' on the locally 'produced' Alfas and importing the Spider 'fully assembled'. Alfa Romeo could import the Spider without wheels and tyres, put these onto the vehicle in South Africa and claim local content. On occassions the formulas used to calculate local content were rather complex and tedious. At one point in time you could produce a container load of brake discs for Alfa Romeo, for example, export them claim your 'export credits' and import a few spiders.

We own a few Alfa Romeos, two spiders amongst the 'lot'. The 1968 Duetto was produced in Italy to Right Hand Drive(RHD) specification exported to South Africa and then to England. The 1969 Spider Veloce has a similar history.

Maybe there is an exception that can disprove what I have said above?
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