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I haven't yet posted in this thread as I hate to write when I have the answers somewhere but didn't afford to check them first. Excuse me if I do so in this post.

I have articles on the South African plants that would comprehensively address your questions, but I haven't gone through them as it's for a future article and I have to go step by step. What I can say, from the top of my memory, is that the SA plants were mainly about asssembling CKDs, but indeed there were local part supplies. In one occasion at least they had an engineering initiative: the 3.0 litre GTV6.

The Ethiopian and Erithrean issues are addressed in this thread. No assembly, only repair and maintenance facilities for cars, busses and trucks.

Among the other places where CKDs were assembled after the war, I can quote, again from the top of my memory: Belgium (S.A. Imperia in Nessonvaux), Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa. Also commercial vans in Spain (FADISA then EBRO). And the FNM factory in Brasil, where Alfa trucks and busses, as well as cars devived from the 102-series 2000 were built, first as clones of the Italian 2000s, then developped into 2150 and 2300.
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