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It may be spltting hairs, but I believe the SA plant was more than a CKD. As has been stated previously, there was local content required. So a CKD would not satisfy that requirement, but large items would have been imported. I personally had occasion to visit the Toyota plant in Durban and their design facilities were busy with plans for LHD BMWs for the US market. Toyota had spun them off as an independant company and were free to secure any contracts they could. I say this as I had to recover the CAD system and the lady told me that, 2 months into the project, she had not taken a system back-up and informed me of the project she was busy with. So I feel there would be local content for all the manufacturers including Alfa. As for the export of the cars, I have no idea or info on that but export to a RHD country would be feasible.

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