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Originally Posted by amarthur
I have a RHD 1978 Spider that was built in SA, exported to California (as a special order by its UK resident working in S Cal) and subsequently imported into the UK when he returned home.
I have tried Googling, and read what I can get my hands on, to find out more about the production of RHD Alfas. The implication is that all RHD Alfas (from around the time of the well-quoted batch built in 1978) were (and are) actually built in SA.
Can anyone shed any light on the details of the SA factory output. Where they kit built, assembled on Italian built bodyshells, wholly manufactured in SA on SA tooling to Italian drawings....? There is a whole history to be had here! Obviously I am most interested in tracing the build details of my own car, but there must be others out there with a curiosity over the history and output of this factory.

As far as I am aware, parts were shipped from Italy and the cars were assembled in various places all over the world; not only SA. I know of no actual manufacturing facility in SA.
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