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thanks for the photos, i will be buying a "new" gearbox, in a few weeks, and will re-build it in the new way, after gear lighting, ..but one question, i have the specks. for gear lighting, on 1 and 2 gear the holes are not drilled all the way thru because of the dog rings( how did they get that name?) after you take off the dog rings, a thought, perhaps drilling it ( 1st and 2 gear) all the way thru? i still will use shell gearbox oil. redline scares me, my gearbox failed after only 40 miles after i put that oil in, perhaps it was going to fail anyway...but...i plan to use what alfa romeo says to use.....back with another question, have you seen those s. african scyhro rings on e-bay? velocedoc, told me about them.....back agian so you can rebuild the 1 st gear like 2-5 gears? with 2 semi-circluar rings insted of 1 on the first gear?

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