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Originally Posted by gt601
Wow! I guess I shut this dicussion down with the use of the "P" word.
Some people should not be allowed to drive Italian cars. Would you write this if we would all know your name and adress? I notice that those giving comments like yours are all using an alias.

Just to let you know, there are only two people on this forum who know about these cars, Bizzarrini and Iso related prototypes / fakes / replicas or whatever, and I mean Jack Koobs de hartog and Phil Olzcyk, and share this information. The rest of us should just ask the right questions. You may disagree with the way Phil expresses himself, we all know that, fact is that these two are the ones sitting on the information we all would like to know.

And if you're happy with shutting down this thread with your private parts I feel sorry for you.

Nice Alfetta by the way, I always liked them. Please sell it, get yourself a Toyota Prius or something and save the world somewhere else.

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