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Originally Posted by Jack Kadeha
May be the difference is that on this subject Count Volpi called me directly, not via a middleman called Gary, november 9th 2000 wile writing my Bizzarrini book.
During that conversation Count Volpi also told me that the Ferrari 348 engine was replaced by an Alfa one. A difference of 146 kgs on a total weight of 650.
That are facts if you want so
In my opinion the Count is a wise man and knows exactly what he says and does.

Jack, I known you and if you want to believe that you wrote the book and that I was only the publisher, it s ok with me but in this case, how you are going to explain that in the second edition, your name will not appear ?

Last time that you show me the location of a car, you receive your commission in CASH, then I don t see where is the problem
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