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Well, it is not built on a GTO chassis for sure. It has the Corvette engine and my guess is it is built on a Rivolta GT chassis (perhaps Lele, same chassis). When it was built is not known, yet. Bizzarrini doens't seem to have anything to do with it either. One other thing, you'd expect an older ISO badge on a car like this if it was built in the early sixties.
Fot the car's history Bizzarrini's involvement would be interesting. For its value perhaps as well. For now it seems there are some very creative people using old Iso's to built their own dreamcars. We'll see where this leads to. Italy is full of hidden treasures. New and old.

Are there pictures of the other ISO at that meeting too Alfaronny? Where there more Iso's too besides that one? And where were these photos taken?

Nice pics by the way! Tanks for posting.

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