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Originally Posted by gtv2000
Hey, going into private, er?

Well, Scuderia Ferrari is a concern, but I would indeed prefer an Italian version, usually cheaper and easier reading yet for me. I've been offered several, but won't spend more than I'm willing to.

The other one is "Cento Manifesti". Really nice, and missed it just because, once in Milan, I had to choose my spending, according to money and weight. I happened to buy, among the many then available, those that later proved easier to find, despite expectations, for instance "Immagini e percorsi", that was the catalogue of an exhibition. Now it's rare to come across Cento Manifesti, usually expensive, and I have copies of most of the ads it contains, but it's still a nice book.
Gee, I guessed right! Let me see if I can find copies for you at realistic prices. I did find a copy of Scuderia Ferrari in Italian here in the US for about $100 something like 3 years ago, although the last copy I saw in English had a $600 asking price!

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