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Mike / Vantaaj, I am much impressed with your detailed explanation of paints available today and their pros and cons. I've certainly printed out your opus and will carefully file. I'll be the first to admit when someone gives detailed information and makes it available to "the public" it is always open to interpretation and differing opinions. My only minor comment is there being no mention as to how important color sanding and polishing is to either single or two stage paints. Except for painting numerous wheels metallic silver then clear coating, I have little knowledge of the two stage system. I've been introduced to a local fellow who fabricates / restores / paints hotrods and since most all have at least two or more colors (as in flames, etc) he clear coats with up to eight coats with color sanding between every few coats. Most feel it isn't necessary to color sand or polish clear coat, but if one is looking for that deep shine, it is a must. Will add his minimum paint job is $13K.

I use only single stage and spend myriad hours color sanding and polishing the car.

I add this only in that most who are unknowledgeable with the process, don't realize how important this portion of the paint process is. Most inexpensive paint jobs use an inexpensive enamel and just enough paint is applied to get a nice over all shine. To do this and to avoid orange peel, the thinner the paint the better.

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