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Originally Posted by Craig
Just one minor point,


Seems to contradict this:

Now, does anybody have any good tips about base/clear application?
Thanks for catching my typo. I meant it to say singles stage is cheaper and harder to repair, not cheaper and easier (that would be me). I corrected the original text.

As far as application, I agree with the last post. Don't do it at home. For the amateur, do the prep work yourself, and take it to a shop to have them spray the paint. The quality of the paint gun (the good ones cost hundreds of dollars), operator skill, and the cleanliness of the painting environment all determine the final outcome of the paint. You will get a better finish if you take a prepped car to any shop (even Maaco) and have them spray the base/clear for you. By the time you buy all the equipment (ventillation fans, spray guns, forced air respirator, paint suits, etc) it will be no cheaper than paying someone else. And, if you make a mistake with your $400/gallon paint, it could be more costly to fix.

In the future, I am planning on writing a primer on well, primers (and sanding), and how to prep a car for paint. But, if you really want to paint your own car, check out Len Stuart runs a first class store and bbs for people who want to do their own bodywork. He sells everything the hobbyist needs but the consumables for paint and bodywork.

Good luck,


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