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ok. a little late to the party, but my bike is finished!!

sorry about the thread bump..

but.. after 6 months reading up and grabbing bits and pieces from ebay, mail order and the LBS, it's finally finished...

its campy of course:

Learsport frame (aussie designed, taiwanese built, columbus zonal tubing w/ carbon/alloy fork and carbon seat stay)
Chorus 10sp Shifters
Chorus BB
Chorus Cassette (23-11)
Record Alloy Cranks
Daytona Pedals
Connex Wipperman chain (derived from mercedes v6 cam chain!)
Centaur Derailluers
Centaur Brakes
06 Ventos w/ michellin speedium (yes, a total bugger to get on)

i've been riding it for a couple of weeks now... **** awesome fun ! gunna kill myself on this thing.... I finally topped out on the 53-11t gear today going downhill... DAAAAAMN that was DEAFENING !!!!

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