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You heard it here first........

OK, Just when we thought we knew the AROSC schedule for the year, John Cote manages to score LAGUNA SECA the weekend of May 17-18!!! Evidentally, there was a last minute cancellation, and Laguna Seca called us (instead of another ((German)) car club) because John was "so nice" to them on the phone. So, next time you see John Cote at one of our events (hint: he will be at the driving school Sunday), you might let him know how much you appreciate his efforts (I assume you want to go to Laguna as bad as I do...). Me personally. I think I'll do the "I'm not worthy" routine from Waynes World. Nice job John!!!!!

On the flip side, that puts the Buttonwillow event (and the AROSC's first ever ENDURO) in a position where we might have to see if we could bump that one back a couple of weeks, since it would only be 2 weeks from our new (and confirmed) Laguna event. I'll keep ya posted.........

Oh, in case you are interested......the track record at Laguna is a 1:07.722 (Hielio Castroneves).

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