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Rear Brake Adjustment Tip

Useful tip: after setting the rear pad clearances, leave the parking brake cable loose and pump the brakes a couple dozen times. Then adjust the cable to just take up the slack. This lets the self adjusters in the pistons do their job so the clearances are correct and the handbrake works in the right number of clicks.

I can't take credit for that one: I found it searching some other site a while back. But I tried it today and it does really seem to help in getting the parking brake to work properly first try.

Other stuff I've learned over the years doing this job:

-I've found it's easy to leave too much clearance. Basically what I do now is stick a .004" feeler gauge under each pad and crank down fairly snug on both adjusters until the gauges stay in place on their own. Then I tighten up the 17mm nut and pull the gauges out. As long as the wheel still spins freely after is the clearance should be good.

-It never hurts to do a quick bleed of each rear caliper after this job, and it may help.


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